seamax america, llc

Machines of motion have always been a fascination for SeaMax America Founder and President Richard Rofé. Cars, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV's, jet skis, and yes… airplanes.
As a busy young entrepreneur starting his first business at age 15, Rofé always found a way to make some time to acquire the training and licenses necessary to enjoy his "toys". However, the time and focus required to obtain his pilot's license remained elusive, due to school, work and later family. It was almost 30 years later, after a successful career founding and selling startup companies in a diverse variety of industries, that Rofé found the time to begin taking regularly scheduled flying lessons. It was in 2006, after an introductory flight in a 2-seat ultralight in Key Biscayne, Florida, that Rofé learned of the Light Sport Aircraft classification and its new relaxed approach to pilot certification.
Rofé spent the next year taking flying lessons at Mid Island Air Service in New York, and immediately began looking for a plane to purchase. His search criteria for an aircraft included one that was easy to fly, economical, stylish and safe, with the unique ability to take off and land on almost any surface. Rofé's 18 months of research turned up the Icon A5, the Mermaid, the Akoya and the SeaRey. As it turned out, Icon's A5 was and continues to be in prototype stages (though they claim to have 700+ would-be buyers lined up). The Mermaid and Akoya were also prototypes, and the SeaRey was an experimental, home-built aircraft. With unyielding tenacity to find and acquire a plane with his desired characteristics (i.e., LSA, amphibious, certified, economical, safe, and actually available for delivery), his quest continued. After almost giving up, Rofé tracked down SeaMax and was amazed at what he found.
Two months later, in October, 2011 as Richard was enjoying the sunset from the cockpit of his M-22 over the Long Island coast, he decided to change his career once again.